The Navy League of Central Pennsylvania

About the LT Michael P Murphy Distinguished Citizen Award

The LT Michael P. Murphy Award is given to a non-active duty person(s) whose character, distinguished military or civilian service, and stature draw wholesome comparison to the qualities that the Central PA Council of the Navy League strives for, in keeping with its mission. In addition, with the purpose of identifying to the public and our members the broad national significance of the Navy League as one of the nation's cherished organizations.

The recipient(s) will have:

  1. Demonstrated a strong interest supporting member goals of the Navy League of the United States including:
    1. Support our communities
    2. Educate, motivate and inform people
    3. Educate government officials
  2. Support youth programs improving our future
  3. Provided a lifetime of service
  4. Made significant and distinguished contributions through their public service
In the fall of each year, the President of Central PA Council will receive the nominations and provide or forward nominations from members to a Selection Committee. Nominees need not necessarily be a member of the Council or the Navy League. A narrative detailing the nominee's contributions and distinguished service, justifying selection as the recipient of the LT Michael P. Murphy Award, accompanies the nomination. Once all nominations are received and compiled, the Selection Committee composed of elected board position members and prior president's reviews and selects the recipient or recipients.

The president of the Council, upon notification by the selection committee, will then notify the Award winner(s) who will be invited to receive the Award in State College at a ceremony where he/she will have the opportunity to address the Council and invited guests. Although this Award is intended to recognize distinguished service over a span of many years, it is also meant to highlight the recipient's service and provide citizens with role models to emulate in their own careers.

Past recipients include: